Friday, 10 February 2012

Pilgrim's Antiques, West Street, Dorking Valentine's Day

Soon it will be St. Valentine's Day.
We have a wonderful shop window display at the moment to reflect this.
I decided to follow suit with my latest look at our Antiques Centre.
If you feel you want to mark the day with a gift, then an antiques centre is a very good place to begin. You can find any number of romantic gifts to amuse, interest and entertain - for both males and females.
I hav photographs showing items being sold by each person who sells in Pilgrims Antiques.
Pink and red and girly things tend to dominate - but keep with it, there is more to Valentine's Day than that.
If you should want to enlarge any picture click on the photograph. Use the back arrow on the computer to return to the blog posting.

On the left we see a Maling vase and a Victorian crackle glass in Jill's section and a little heart lavender bag from Julie.
On the right there are items from Clive's cabinets.
But not everybody wants pink. This is a blue shelf in Clive's cabinet.

Hilary's jewellery and bag with glass ware from Gill.

Romantic 1930's dancers. (Hilary).
Imagine the tete a tete after the dance on the 1930s phone from Stephen's shelves.

Pink from Jonathan.

Romantic breakfast.....and later champagne or claret.
The eggy things are from Jonathan and Jean. Items on the right are taken from Sue's shelves.

Mick sells lots of fine pottery, but I picked out the oil lamp with the pink shade with a very heavy pink vase and a Radford jug.
Jo sells, amongst other things, linen and lace and fabrics and hats and gloves.

Flowery bits and pieces from Terry's section near the back of the shop.
On the right I chose small items from Judy's cutlery cabinet and Julie's section.
The vase is Mick's.

Lovely items from Monika's section.
She specialises in hand crafted items - arts and crafts, art nouveau etc.

Art deco jug and other items from my own section at the back of the shop.
I am Paula.
More from my stock.

Now, I haven't forgotten the menfolk.
Your man might love to have this model aircraft to enhance his desk.
It is from Bill's section right at the front of the shop.

More from Bill on the left.
Some trench art from Terry on the right, with one of Stephen's microscopes.

I also have some things suitable for the man in your life.
Could the elephant bar jug be nuzzling up romantically to the oil jug?

A an old waste paper bin, which has been decoupaged - from Bill.
There are also some books in the shop.
We have old cookery books and household  books.
And I try to have some which are of a wider interest.

We are always happy to talk with people on the phone.
If you have any queries please ring us on
  01306 875028.

The picture is of me, Paula, taking a call.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Pilgrims Antiques Centre Dorking. January 2012.

It is nearly a year since I updated the blog about Pilgrim's Antiques.
The shop has changed - it is constantly changing as stock comes and goes and sections alter.
The shop is not as large as some centres and we, the dealers, aim to keep our prices as low as we can. Come and browse in West Street Dorking.
West Street is changing too.
We are all concerned about what will happen to the listed building opposite the shop - it was once the home of William Mullins, one of the original Pilgrim fathers. It is now empty and we believe that most of the building has now been sold. We look forward to seeing how the new owners will renovate it and what businesses will go in there.
But for now  - a tour round Pilgrim's Antiques Centre. We are bigger than we appear to be from the pavement. We have 4 rooms stretching back into the building. Each room is packed with antiques and collectables of all kinds. There are 15 people selling in the shop and we each take turns to look after things and help the customers.

Standing on the pavement, you will be greeted by Nipper. He is not for sale; but there are gramophones, needles and records.
The other part of the window is constantly changing, thanks to the hard work and flare of Sue.

Clive joined us during last year with wonderful 20th century glass. Since then he has added to his cabinets and increased the range of stock that he sells.
You will find this cabinets immediately you enter the shop on the left.

Judy has just one cabinet with mostly cutlery. It is not silver.
Hilary also has a single cabinet, full of fabulous jewellery. She specialises in 1930s to 1950s and has a passion for bakelite.

We are still in the first room. On the right you will find glass and all sorts. Jill specialises in glass and is very knowledgable.

Tucked away behind the desk is a magnet for many men - Bill's boys' toys.
I shouldn't say that, should I?  Bill sells to lots of lovely ladies too.

We have climbed 2 or 3 steps now.
On the left Julie and Gill display their treasures.
Julie sells some linen and lace and a vast variety of quirky items, ranging from bric a brac to more valuable pieces.
Gill specialises in glass. Her passion is Stewart Crystal.

Jonathan is on the right in the 2nd room.
I would assume that his stock is generally the oldest - much Georgian or Victoriana.

Sue and Brian combine well presented old world charm with lovely low priced jewellery.

Now - up 2 or 3 more steps, into Room 3.

Stephen specialises in small items of furniture and telephones.
Each telephone is converted for use and he guarantees them.

Mick joined us during last year. At first he had one cabinet for iconic 20th century china - Clarice Cliffe, Moorcroft, Poole etc. But since he took over a larger space he is able to display a variety of things.

 Monika's passion is the Arts and Crafts period. She likes things where it is obvious that human hands have worked on them.
This combines well with art nouveau.
On the day I took these photographs, Monika had just taken out some of her stuff to take to the monthly Tuesday antiques fair at Epsom Racecourse.
I don't feel that this photo does justice to her wonderful things.

Jo has 2 sections in the shop. She sells mostly very feminine things - what my mother might have called fripperies! Go on, indulge yourself with some fripperies!
At the top of the next 2 or 3 steps, on the right she has more utilitarian feminine things. There is  china for the kitchen and linen and lace for the bedroom and dining room.

On the opposite side of the 4th room is Terry's section....aided and abetted by her daughter Emma.
They keep saying that they will concentrate on furniture rather than smalls.
I haven't seen that happen yet!
They sell all sorts. They also deal in vintage clothing, but not in Pilgrims; you can always ask them about it.

Tucked away, right at the back of the 4th room, is Paula's treasure trove.
I am Paula.
My theme is basically the 1950s and 60s. Like everybody else I dabble outside of my chosen interest as well.
I have small sections within the small section for  kitchenalia, children's things, china and glass, feminine things and things that might be more attractive to a man. I would quite like Bill to take these things over with his boys' toys. Bill is my husband.
I make no apologies - I shall now show you round my own little section.

Having got to the very furthest point from our beginning, I walk back down to the desk to join Bill in greeting the customers. We are almost always in the shop on Mondays.

I shall continue with blog postings about our shop once or twice a month. Look out for them, but best of all, come and see us.